To the newly diagnosed

Empower yourself

So … you, or someone close to you, has just been diagnosed with cancer.

You feel your world has been turned upside down.                                                                                 

You have been dragged into this seemingly unending treadmill of consultations, tests, scans, reports, hope and despair. You are called on to make decisions, but you struggle to even understand the questions. You feel unempowered, bewildered.


This website is designed to show that you have time, you have options and there are resources available to help you find your way. This is important. There is an emerging revolution in the treatment of cancer, and there are new opportunities you may wish to explore with your doctors.                           

The decisions you are about to take may well affect the rest of your life;

Take control, empower yourself … know your enemy.

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And more than anything, try to keep these things in mind:

There is hope


Cancer is not an automatic death sentence. Cancer is far more treatable than it used to be. There are a number of new treatment options available that simply did not exist a decade or two ago. We show this in our book.


You have options

Do not panic. Unless your doctor specifically instructs you otherwise, you are under no obligation or pressure to start treatment immediately. There will be time for you to consider your options. For example, this is what the American Cancer Society recommends for the newly diagnosed.


“Treatment decisions should be made after you have learned all you can about your diagnosis, prognosis, and available treatment options. This can take time, depending on the type of cancer you have. In a few cancers, there are some treatment decisions that must be made right away. But usually, you can take some time to think about them, and you should think about them. If you are concerned about waiting to start treatment, you should talk to your doctor.” 

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Arm yourself with knowledge

Remember that this is a battle. Get to know your enemy. Each incidence of cancer has uniqueness, including yours. And, if your cancer is more advanced or progresses, it will start changing and evolving. Your battle may well become a war. Your struggle may become long, go through many different treatments and indeed through many different doctors as well. You will be the primary constant throughout this journey.


You can thus empower yourself through knowledge about your specific and unique cancer. This will enable you to partner with your doctors in choosing from the many different options along the way.

Don't hesitate to ask for help

If you are not in the habit of gathering information or reading up about cancer or you might even be too ill or despondent for the task – we implore you to try to get a close acquaintance to help guide you through this.


How to use this website

This site is directed at people who have been diagnosed with cancer. It is designed to help people understand their cancer so that they can then participate meaningfully with their doctors in working through treatment options and decisions. It can be used in one of two ways.

If you have recently been diagnosed

For the newly diagnosed, it will help you to navigate the immediate maelstrom that has hit you. This is not the time to get involved in lengthy books and scientific arguments. You rather want guidelines as to what questions to ask, what information to seek and what decisions to make.

For you we have developed a Know Thy Enemy page.

This will help you to understand:

- What cancer is

- The three main classes of cancer from a treatment point of view

- How to position your particular cancer and its key features, and hence            - The main issues you should be discussing with your doctor.

Know thy enemy page

For those facing a longer yourney

The second purpose is to support those who are embarking on a longer journey with an advanced cancer, which, as we will see, is a wily, evolving, and ever-changing enemy.


For you, we have written a book to help you build a firm foundation of knowledge about cancer and treatment options. This will help empower you to research your particular cancer and to participate in decision-making with your doctors throughout the long journey you are quite likely facing with your disease.

Download the Book

This document is best read when you download it in PDF-format